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1. Laguna Beach, CA_ Laguna Cottage1. Laguna Beach, CA_ Laguna Cottage
2. Laguna Beach, CA_ Laguna Cottage2. Laguna Beach, CA_ Laguna Cottage

Laguna Beach, CA: Laguna Cottage

Baked on Powder coated steel cabinets create a nod to vintage steel cabinetry in this 1932 Woods Cove cottage with black lowers and white uppers. The cabinets were designed to encapsulate the Sub-Zero fridge which is only 24″ deep. Jet black lowers and classic white uppers create this warm charming kitchen. The clients selected a 1954 restored O’Keefe and Merritt stove demonstrates how well steel pairs with old and new. Wood shelving was sourced from The Vintage Wood Company, who discovered these beauties at an old tobacco mill. This home is the perfect example of how classic and time honored steel cabinetry can transform the simplest of layouts.

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