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About Us

Moya O'Neill


Welcome to the opulent world of Moya Living, where steel transcends mere utility and emerges as an impeccable statement of form, function, and radiant beauty. We are true architects of cabinetry, ateliers of aesthetics, and artisans of metal fabrication.

Our visionary founder and owner, Moya O’Neill, discerned an expanse untouched by previous generations of steel cabinetry within the indoor, outdoor, and commercial realm. Her creative odyssey embarked within the luxurious enclave of Laguna Beach, CA. It wasn’t long before Moya Living garnered commissions from such architectural powerhouses as, the iconic Dakota Building in NYC, the Lautner El Rod house in Palm Springs and the Apple Campus in Cupertino, CA

Collaborating with the visions of architects and designer across the nation, Moya Living reigns as a bastion of creativity and innovation.           

Our luxe cabinetry stands the test of time capturing the essence of epochs past while incorporating all the modern nuances of todays world. Each project becoming a legacy to be enjoyed for generations.

Designed and manufactured in the sun kissed embrace of Southern California, we fabricate steel into works of art, an embodiment of elegance that only a true design house can offer.

Moya Living, where steel meets style and where cabinetry becomes couture.


About our sister company


Genie Scientific has been building and installing fume hoods and lab furniture since 1979. We offer design, manufacturing and installation all under one roof. 

Whether you need to build out a multi-million dollar facility or purchase a single fume hood we are here to serve, ship and install nationwide.

Interested in working together? Send us a message and we'll get back to you within 24 hours to set up an appointment.