#ShopLocalSeries – Alegría Farms

Located just down the road at the Farm + Food Lab at The Great Park in Irvine, CA, Alegría Farms is revolutionizing the food industry right from home. The zero-waste, solar-powered one-acre regenerative urban microfarm employs hydro-organic and 100% organic soil-based growing systems, featuring their exclusive and innovative SoxxBoxx system. This SoxxBoxx system optimizes the genetic potential of your favorite leafy greens, herbs and vegetables by employing rich “living soil” in Soxx that contains all the essential minerals, beneficial microbes, humus plus superior oxygen and water holding capacity needed to deliver your plants all they need to flourish.

Alegría Farms designs zero waste, high performance farms that repurpose unused spaces deployed over man-made surfaces close to where people live and work. They call it “tractorless” farming. All seedlings originate from certified non-GMO seeds, and this year, Alegría Fresh heirloomed more than 300,000 seeds from its crops.

Not only is the farm growing food of the highest quality, they’re engaging with the community in a way that is long-lasting and highly impactful.

Their Regenerative Health Center is developing training programs to assist with becoming local installers and/or operators of Alegría SoxxBoxx technologies in local communities.

Alegría’s fresh community teaching kitchen called “Table-on-the Farm” provides workshops with professional chef, and their urban training center teaches individuals how to own and operate their own high-performance regenerative organic urban farm, using the principles they have developed over the last seven years.

It is businesses like this that help our community thrive, and we look forward to seeing the lasting impact that Alegría farms has on the health and wellbeing of our town.

A Car Lovers’ Dream Garage

To love your car is to love its design, structure, strength and story. The same should go for the design of its home; your garage. If you’re a true car enthusiast, then you know that the garage can mean so much more than simply the space to park it.

Below are a few key elements in building the ultimate car lovers’ garage.

Custom Flooring

Make your garage more inviting and the flooring more durable with an epoxy/polyaspartic coating, which comes in a variety of colors. These types of floors are stain resistant, easy to clean and more resilient than concrete alone. Plus, you’ll help ensure your garage floor remains in quality shape for years to come, while being the envy of all your neighbors.

Storage Cabinetry

Custom storage cabinetry is a vital element to a functional, strong car garage. Using powder-coated steel cabinetry will give you the ability of customization in fabrication and color, paired with the lasting strength and durability of steel.

Safety Elements

With the garage home to one of your most prized possessions, the quality of the safety structure should be paramount. New garage doors are superior at excluding the elements. Choices range from custom-built wooden doors designed to harmonize with your house style to conventional steel doors (which should be double-walled and insulated).