Trends in kitchen design are important for designers but they’re also important for consumers. Here’s why: Anytime you consider tackling a renovation you need inspiration. What’s working in your kitchen currently, how can you maximize the space you have and what has worked for others that you can implement yourself?

You are the architect of your kitchen wish list but here are so inspirational trends that might get your ideas flowing.

1. Shaker style. The 1800s inspired design can seem plain and square because of the panel profile but there are many variations of this classic and much loved design structure that can give your kitchen a contemporary or even a country like feel. Built in cabinets and drawers nod to the purist approach that Shakers were so fond of and that have become a stable for kitchen designs today.

2. Tribal-inspired tones. Your kitchen is a creative space to whip up old family recipes as well as a space for you to experiment with new concoctions to entice loved ones. To inspire said food genius, you may consider surrounding yourself with vibrant colors.  These attention grabbing hues are making a huge comeback in kitchen design for 2015 but don’t worry there is a way of mixing this flare with your monochromatic colors (lending itself to the sought after timeless kitchen feel). Try mixing matte and gloss finishes to arrive at the much desired ‘pop’ affect. Pantone has named the color of the year Marsala (a shade of burgundy) but Mediterranean blues and olives mixed with grey’s are top color choices for 2015 as well.

3. Repetitive Patterns. Houzz reports, “Hardcastle is seeing a move away from geometric patterns and toward elegant, repetitive motifs instead.”  This can come to life in steel panels, wall coverings, door inserts in tiling. We love art deco and art nouveau inspired motifs throughout the kitchen as well.

4. Open-Plan Kitchens. As kitchens take centerstage in our homes, many desire an open and airy feel that doesn’t reserve itself to a cooking only zone but becomes a place to sit and have a glass of wine and eat appetizers before you move to the table for dinner. Open-plan kitchens are bulk-free and have a minimal amount of cabinets. This of course can be tailored to the needs of the customer (depending upon how much storage space you may need) but we’re fond of this clean and inviting space.

5.  Black. Contrary to our trend of tribal-inspired tones, there is also a shift to black cabinetry.  For those with a more monochromatic color palette, black is your go to for 2015 because it is bold, dominant and masculine.  How you accessorize this space i.e. nobs, chairs, lighting will have a large impact on the sleek and sophisticated finished product. Think boyfriend jeans made sexy. There’s quite the allure to being bold.

6. Metallics. Silver, chrome and stainless have been the sought after metals in kitchen design but this year we see a fascination with gold, copper and bronze.  Weave these eye-catching hues throughout your kitchen and fall in love with the well suited accent it adds to your kitchen.

7. Statement Ceilings. If you have high ceilings to take advantage of consider designing your kitchen in a way that lends your eye to look away from your smart phone and up to the sky. An easy way to do incorporate this trend in your kitchen is through lighting!

8.  Wallpaper. We know this word may still haunt you from the ‘70s but fear not there is some really beautiful wallpaper out there now. This can add character to your cooking zone when used in small amounts to add texture and contrast to an otherwise simple space.

9. Open Shelving. This coincides with our open-plan kitchen trend. There has been a shift in open shelving, as a practical solution for kitchen space that also gives the customer somewhat of an industrial type feel. Think New York boutique restaurants with exposed kitchen’s, so there is less of a separation between chef’s/ingredients and customers. In your home this will further personalize your space, with the right amount of cabinetry to host items you’re not so interested in displaying you arrive at a warm and hip looking kitchen!

10.  Smart appliances. As technology evolves the way we function in our kitchen changes as well.  The Miele smart oven can keep track of your 30 favorite recipes and has a built in iPad for music or audiobooks to keep you company while you cook.  The Top Brewer by Scanomat brews coffee, froths milk, provides drinking water and hot water to assist your cooking needs.

So however you decide you revamp your kitchen this year keep in mind these clean, clutter-free, hi-tech and stylish designs!

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