• Key Furniture For Your Kitchen

    Curating your kitchen with the right furniture is somewhat of an art form. Just like the landscaping of a home can take something that’s beautiful and make it exceptional, a kitchen craves foundational pieces to make it functional. Three key pieces are a dining room table, chairs, and a rug. These pieces will serve as your backbone for designing your space and they offer both flare and functionality. 

    Dining Table

    In our blog post on The New Counter Culture, Kitchen’s Take Center Stage we discuss the prominence that kitchen’s have taken in our life, within the last decade. For kitchen’s that open up to a living and dining room, a foundational piece is a dining room table. We love the look of a weathered farmhouse table in what is otherwise a modern home. The natural variations in the wood grain and color blend effortless with establish flooring, art, and other colors you may have throughout your kitchen and dining room space.


    These tables not only age well, but are easy to clean. For example, if you happen to light a candle when you’re having dinner and wax drips on the table you can grab a flower sack towel and lay it flat over the wax. Then take a heated iron and press it down flat against the towel. As the wax becomes hot it will strip from the wood and onto your towel. If you have smooth surfaced wood, you can also rub it down with plastic pot scrapers, warm water, dishwashing liquid, and white vinegar. White vinegar has antimicrobial properties, so makes for a great disinfectant. If your dining table has a stained finish then you’ll need to re-oil it afterwards. You can let your cleaning solution air dry or wipe it down with a towel. Next use a fresh towel to moisturize the wood in the direction of the grain. Let it sit for 10 minutes and then wipe it clean with a separate towel.  Multiple coats is recommended but allow for the table to sit 5-6 hours between so that it can properly dry. The good news is once you’re done, you won’t need to do this for another six months. 

    If your house, or apartment, is small a dining table is still a great piece to incorporate. It can serve as your desk, a place for your kids to do crafts, or a place to visit with company.  Let go of your idea of a grand, rectangular dining table and adopt a smaller round table. Whatever size or shape you end up searching for, the flea market can be a great place to find something to reuse and repurpose. It may require a labor of love to fix it up but that only adds character to a key piece in your home. 


    It use to be commonplace to buy 4 or 6 of the same chair for your dining room table but today we see a shift towards mixing expensive items like the iconic Panton S Chair, representing the pop art age of the ‘60s, with industrial looking designs that represent an entirely different aesthetic. They key ingredient in mixing the two is keeping a consistent color palette. Kitchen bar stools are another important foundational piece. The market is somewhat endless for this category of chairs, which makes for quite a bit of error when shopping. We all tend to gravitate towards two things, how it looks and how much it cost. But too often comfort is not taken into consideration and you’d be surprised how often you opt to sit at your kitchen and not the dining table.  Try sitting in a chair for 15 minutes at a store before you purchase. Grab a family member or friend to accompany you and have them do the same, this way you won’t be disappointed with what you’ve purchased, you can maintain a healthy spine and you use them as often as they are intended to be used!


    Often times, in modern homes floors are left bare.  But sometimes throughout the year it is nice to add warmth to your kitchen or dining space by adding a rug. This doesn’t have to be an expensive find. You will likely replace it every year, or every few years, as colors fade and wear is exposed.  But whenever you are rug shopping consider the following: geometric prints will give your space added warmth, muted or soft colors will add a sophisticated touch and bolder hues make for a playful and casual vibe which is often the desired affect for families. 

    The last thing to keep in mind when picking out all three of these pieces for your home is also about the geometry of the space. You’d be surprised at the amount of shapes that take precedence in your kitchen and often too much of one can make your space feel imbalanced. Look for triangles, squares and rectangles in the most obvious ways such as a circular rug or a squared table as well as in the details for example nobs, handles, and legs. For modern interiors to appear harmonious they need both soft and curvy lines, and bold and sharp cuts.